We have an exciting range of Korean circle lenses directly culled from contact lens manufacturers in South Korea. Korean circle lenses help you enjoy an alluring pop, bigger & deeper eyes that are more expressive & child-like. We take pride in our up-to-date collection, innovative & fresh models that showcase bewitching patterns & vivacious color contrasts.

Korean circle lenses are known to be the safest & the most advanced type of contacts. Besides vision correction, you have infinite options to stylize the personality. From color enhancement to achieving doe shaped dolly eyes; Korean circle lenses in innumerable designs help you achieve a dramatic appearance.

Our Korean circle lenses are 100% authentic & safe to wear. Meeting the stringent regulations, the entire collection has been manufactured in state of art laboratories using high end premium material that rarely itches or causes discomfort. The pigments used are also KFDA certified that keeps CLIDs at bay.

If you would like to have colored contacts smaller than 20mm but still giving big eye looks, check our big eyes contacts category!

We bet you will fall in love with brown & grey hues we have in stock. Or try green Korean circle lenses for a typical Korean look; as has been endorsed by the internet sensations & TV celebrities in South Korea.


Since circle lenses with bigger diameter tend to get dry quickly; we recommend using quality eye drops. Rohto C cube eye drops ensure 3Cs- Clear, care and comfort. Wearing big eye circle lenses can cause strain on eyes including irritation and dryness. With these Rohto C Cube eye drops; you don't only moisturize your eyes but provide ultimate comfort!

Enjoy the super kawaii look with 20mm big eye lenses. Our experience with circle lenses tells us that an unforgettable date’s secret is the big dolly eyekawaii look. Create one with 20mm big eye lenses and big eyes makeup accessories.


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