Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Most people who are in need of corrected vision prefer contacts over eyeglasses. This is because many prefer convenience over conventional ways of life without having to change one's appearance. However, as convenient as it may be, we realized that dry eyes are a common problem among contact lens users.

Even with the constant usage of eye drops while wearing contact lenses, it still brings discomfort to many especially after a long day with their lenses on.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

What causes dry eyes when wearing contacts? Discomfort is a more pronounced word for contact lens users as moisture prevents friction between the cornea and the contact lens. Hence, dry eyes occur because the thin layer of lens materials limits the oxygen flow to the eyes causing the eyes to have difficulty developing natural tears.

How To Overcome Dry Eyes While Wearing Contact Lens

With all that said about causing dry eyes caused by contacts, are there ways to overcome this problem? Understandably that many choose to disregard the dry eyes challenge and continue on wearing their usual contact lenses.

It is important to not disregard your dry eyes condition as there are ways to overcome it and still be able to enjoy the purpose of contact lenses? Choosing the right contact lens is as easy as buying them except you need to know what exactly your eyes need.

At Uniqso, we provide you nothing but the best collection of suitable contact lenses for those of you who have dry eyes condition and for those who use them long hours. Remember, the eye is a delicate organ and it is important to take good care of them.