Sweety Candy Series

Uniqso's top seller colored eye contacts are the Sweety Candy Series. They are opaque and solid in color with strong pigments. Sweety Candy lenses are the sort of contact lenses that stay faithful to their color in spite of light and one's original eye color.


Sweety series candy-colored contacts give folks a sweet and happy feeling all of the time. These lenses are sweet, soft, comfy, vivid, and warm will give you a new and fresh look.


Amazing And Stunning Colors

With a wide selection of vibrant colors that you can choose from - red, green, blue, brown, violet, grey, pink, yellow and gold - these colored contacts lenses will make your eyes pop. The colors are very bright and sure be grabbing attention from a lot of people.


Feel free to grab any colors. They do miracles with any eye color or skin shade. These Sweety Candy collections will definitely be one of the best pairs of colored contacts that you ever owned.

Furthermore, the intense colors can complement your cosplay outfit really well. They are extremely versatile for just about any cosplay character. Remember to grab a camera and snap some cool pictures too.


The color shows very well and is very pigmented. The texture of the lens is great and beautiful. They also look vivid and opaque in photos. In fact, they are are even visible from distance too. You are so going to love it!


Great Coverage With Big Eye Effect

If you are looking for a pair of contacts that have good coverage, the Sweety Candy Series is the perfect choice for you. They work great to change your original eye color to any color that you always wanted. The colors are visible even on dark color eyes.


What else you can expect from these circle lens? Larger iris, of course. These contacts make your eyes look bigger and more sparkling. They enlarge your iris yet still make your eyes look natural. You’re going to love how they make your eyes look a bit bigger.


With these circle contact lenses, your eyes will stand out but the design doesn't make you look creepy at all. They are absolutely gorgeous for cosplayers and fashionistas. You are going to be a huge hit at the convention and may get a lot of compliments too.


Super Soft And Comfortable

Apart from being eye-catching, these circle lenses fit your eyes comfortably. These contacts are definitely the most comfortable you have ever worn.


Putting the contacts in was not a problem. The same goes for taking them out. They are that good, you might be forgetting they are there until someone points it out. They are so easy on the eyes even after wearing them for a few hours.  


These colored eye contacts are easy to see through and they would not impair your vision. They are really affordable and worth your money.


With all these great features, you will definitely be ordering more in the future. Be ready to be mesmerized and fall in love with them all over and over again.