2 Tones

Two tone circle lenses are just the same as single tone circle lenses are but with a difference of limbal ring. The limbal ring is often black but sometimes the darkest tone of the shade. For instance a two tones green circle lens may either be in a black limabl ring or in the darker shade of the green that specific circle lens is in. Two tones circle lenses come in different patterns and in all the favorite colors!

Why should you choose two tone circle lenses? This is the question your mind may ask you while you are making a decision to get some pairs of big eye circle lenses. Two tone circle lenses make your eyes look realistic with a bit less dramatic effect than three tone circle lenses. The presence of limbal ring ensures big eye look even with the natural big eye two tone circle lenses. Natural big eye circle lenses are those having a diameter of 15.00mm or less.


Two tone circle lenses enhance your eyes and facial looks. With these kinds of colored contact lenses you may get a celebrity look in an instant. Change your natural eye color or boost your natural color of eyes by wearing two tones circle lenses.


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