Sweety Anime Series

Sweety Anime Series: Outstanding Design & Vibrant Colors

Sweety Anime series offers exceptional anime eye contacts featuring striking color combinations and designs with anime-specific accents. The mix of brilliant hues and opaque pigments sets these lenses apart from other costume contacts. With 8 captivating colors, the best-selling Sweety Anime series caters to cosplayers' dreams, offering prescriptions up to -10.00.


Ideal for Cosplay & Costume Parties

Perfect for cosplay events, fancy dress shows, and costume parties, these anime cosplay contacts will make you the talk of the town. The vibrant hues and bold design create the illusion of round, deeper, and more expressive anime eyes that will elevate your costume.


Adventurous Addition to Your Look

The fun color combinations and gold specs surrounding the rim evoke optimism and energy. Although overwhelming for everyday looks, these anime contacts are a breathtaking addition for adventurous individuals unafraid to experiment with their appearance.

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