Sweety Akaten Yellow (1 lens/pack)

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👉🏻 Please take note of the product packaging. E.g.1 lens/pack means there is ONLY 1 single lens. Please add Qty "2" in your cart if you need a pair.

The luminescent, bright & strikingly bold eyes are no more a dream. With Sweety Akaten yellow contact lenses you get an edgy look in no time. Vivid enough, these yellow lenses create an illusion of eyes that glow from within. Ideal for cosplay performances and photoshoot, the exotic Akaten Yellow contacts deliver unbelievable results every time you want to steal the show.

Made from opaque pigments, Sweety Akaten will do the job to mask the original eye color. Add fierceness to your eyes or illuminate them- they will petrify whoever gazes back. Boasting a brown outer ring instead of classic black, these lenses carry a special touch. Holding 38% water content, Sweety Akaten are known to stay comfortable in your eyes while keeping them moist. The super luxurious pigmentation helps adding vivaciousness to your personality while keeping your subtlety intact. Amongst all yellow contacts, Akaten yellow has been the fame name in cosplay sector due to the illusion of spontaneous emission of light.

Looking for yellow contacts that are richly designed and more dramatic? Something that spruce up your personality? Try Sweety Anime yellow contacts . Don’t forget to browse through special offers before you make a selection.


  • Each sweety lens come packed in blisters & in individual packaging. The lenses stay floating in buffered isotonic solution until they are sealed. Convert your contact lenses in contact lens case filled with fresh supply of lens solution. Soaking for at least 6 hours is essential before you try them out.
  • Blister packaging is easy to open. Just flip and pull. No more broken nails & broken vials.
  • Lenses are also available in mix prescription.


Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's included A piece of contact lens + a lens case (for a pair of contact lenses ordered)