Daily Disposable

Introduction to Daily Contact Lenses

Designed for single use, daily contact lenses are known for the convenience and health benefits. Popping open a new pair of contact lenses every morning provides utmost comfort to sensitive eyes while minimising the risks of infections.


Benefits of Daily Disposables

Daily contact lenses are disposed of after every use. They require zero maintenance, thus helping you save on solution and contact lens accessories such as plungers, cases, and kits that you would need otherwise. Daily disposables are recommended for people with sensitive eyes who are prone to catch allergies, and people with a very active lifestyle such as athletes and globe-trotters. Perfect for beginners, daily contact lenses are gaining popularity among practitioners and patients.


Hygiene and Comfort with Daily Contact Lenses

Being the most hygienic option, daily disposables are the first choice of beginners, infrequent users, and younger patients. Nothing brings more ease than using a fresh pair of contact lenses every day. Daily contact lenses mean less product buildup, protein and lipid accumulation, and less cellular debris. As a result, your eyes stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.


Understanding the Difference: Daily Wear vs. Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Please understand the difference between daily wear and daily disposable contact lenses. Daily wear contact lenses simply refer to the contacts that are worn every day but have to be removed before sleeping since they are not approved by FDA for extended wear. On the other hand, daily disposable contact lenses are trashed after each use and are not meant for multiple wears. Daily wear lenses could be weekly, monthly, or annual though. There is a fine line between "wearing schedule" and "replacement schedule."


Cost and Availability of Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are slightly more expensive than their annual counterparts. Always buy in bulk so that you have spare pairs. These lenses are available in a huge variety of colored contacts, cosplay lenses, and clear contacts.


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