Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

Don’t let your eyesight stop you from expressing yourself with these colored contact lenses designed specifically for people with astigmatism. Our range of gorgeous astigmatism colored contact lens offers the best solution to transform your eyes at affordable prices. Whether you wish to embellish your natural beauty, completely recreate your visual appearance or finally join the amazing cosplay community, our astigmatism color contact lens can help you achieve these goals.

It is easy to feel left out when you see others swapping their eye colors for a night out. But with plano colored contacts, you will have to break the enchantment with a pair of glasses. Even a simple prescription contact lens would not work for you so you may have given up all hope. Here at UNIQso, we combine astigmatism contacts with colored contacts just so you can finally live your dream life. Our high-quality contacts for astigmatism color are manufactured according to struct regulations by reliable vendors you can trust. We have your back so you can forget all your worries and just jump straight into coloring your vision.


Astigmatism Is Not a Problem For Colored Contacts

Astigmatism can sound like a confusing and complex condition but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be overlooked by society. It just means that your eye shape is not completely round. Someone with astigmatism is just as wonderful and creative as someone without it. We all want to be loved, admired, and appreciated. Who wouldn’t want to put on a pair of contact lenses and feel glorious and beautiful? For most people, this is a no-brainer but this opportunity should be available for everyone.

Anyone with astigmatism would know how challenging it is to find a colored contact lens that actually works. Colored contact lenses are unique in their capability to enhance the captivating windows of your soul. However, having astigmatism means having unique necessities that most colored contacts simply do not offer. But it is the responsibility of the society to offer the same opportunity to everyone no matter their medical condition. That is why we offer colored contacts with astigmatism in mind. Until everyone can enjoy equality regardless of their background, we cannot call ourselves an equal society. 


Color + Toric = Magic!

The biggest difference between contacts for astigmatism (color or clear) and other contacts is the shape. While most contact lenses are made with spherical surfaces, contacts for astigmatism are toric. Toric lenses are made from the surfaces of a torus or a ‘doughnut shape’. These lenses bend light more in one direction than the other, properly directing light to your retina. As specialists in colored lenses, we guarantee that color lens can be toric too.

We understand that lenses for astigmatism require a lot more fine-tuning than just a change in ‘power’. Your prescription comes with diopters (measurement reading) for spherical correction (power), axis, and cylindrical power (CYL). These readings can be different for each eye. All of our colored toric contact lenses are crafted accurately to your prescription. This is why our colored toric lenses simply work. Take a look at our offer and see what magic you can create.


Whispers Beyond Colors

Just because you are born with certain eyes, doesn’t mean you can change them even if you have astigmatism. Much like makeup, contact lenses can drastically change your appearance and you should use that to your advantage. And with the importance of eye contact in communication, how your eyes appear can affect how someone sees you. 

As the adage goes, your eyes are the windows to your soul. We are often convinced that what we see within this window is the essence of one’s character, even if we try to be fair. Change how your eyes look and you can trust that you will change people’s perception of you. Paint the true picture of your character and personality with contact lenses so people will know the real you.

Will they look into your Sonata Brown eyes and see the tendrils of flame ignited by passion within your soul? Or are they consoled by the comfort inspired by the oceanic harmony of your Symphony blue iris? Mesmerize your admirer with the hypnotic pattern of your Ruby Queen Grey eyes that speaks of your unique complexity. Colors can whisper messages from the depths of your soul and no secrets are louder than a silent gaze. Take your first step to redefining yourself with our coloured contacts for astigmatism and color your life.


Astigmatism Is UNIQ 

Our astigmatism contacts color your world and give you the chance to craft memorable moments to treasure for the rest of your life. However, our astigmatism-inspired colored contacts also give the world an opportunity to listen to your voice. Everyone has their unique perception and touch that adds to the beauty of the world as we know. And someone with astigmatism brings more creativity than most as your astigmatism has taught you to adapt and thrive.

Nobody should overlook or ignore your talents, passion, and contributions just because of your astigmatism. Your thoughts and ideas are unique to who you are and the challenges you have overcome. The silencing of one of your voices can hold the world back from exploring a beautiful life together. So, if you feel your heart calling to the music of colors, don’t hold yourself back. Get yourself a colored toric contact and add the vision of your dreams to the canvas of the world.