Neo Vision Toric - Ruby Queen Brown

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These Neo Vision Toric-colored contacts are perfect for astigmatism toric. If you have very dark brown eyes then These ruby queen brown lenses help to give a natural effect on the eye. As these circle lenses blend perfectly with your eyes so someone can hardly notice that they are there and They make your eyes look bigger.

Neo Vision lenses are incredibly wonderful to wear, easier to manage, and helps to add some shine to the eyes. Colored cosmetic lenses can be an incredible method to get another appearance. These prescription-colored contacts are designed to make your eyes look truly decent instead of blocking out your natural color. With 38% water content, these lenses ensure your eyes stay comfortable during wear and help your eyes to stay hydrated.

Tip - Always buy colored contact lenses with a prescription for astigmatism and consult with your doctor while purchasing them. Wash your hands whenever you insert or remove the lenses. There are many colored lenses available in the market, Select lenses color according to your eyes' natural color and skin tone.

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