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Most cosplayers don’t play by the ‘less is more’ rule. Cosplaying is all about achieving the complete look of a certain anime character and this means that no accessory should be left out, at all. One of the most important make-up accessories every cosplayer or make-up fan need is eyelashes. Here, we present to you Sweety Eyelash, the best fake eyelashes for cosplay that you’ll definitely love.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Sweety Eyelash, the Best Cosplay Eyelash

Here are top 3 convincing points (we hope!) that'll make you want to get your paws on these fake eyelashes for cosplay.


Level-up Your Look Within Seconds

On days or events where you feel the need to amplify your look, you can always rely on these fake eyelashes for cosplay to create the maximum impact you desire. Best part is this takes only a few minutes to apply. With Sweety Eyelash, you’ll get the dramatic volume you want in just half the time, fuss free.


Rush No More Thanks to Fake Eyelashes!

Not a fan of doing your make-up in a rush? Thanks to Sweety Eyelash, you can look even more fabulous in just half the time. This way, you can spend more time focusing on other parts of your make-up routine.


All Day Comfort

Sweety Eyelash are designed specially to provide extreme comfort all day long. Made from synthetic fibre, rest assure that the Sweety Eyelash is water resistant so perspiring on a hot sunny day won’t ruin the fake eyelashes at all.


What's included Eyelashes x 5 pairs
Replacement Period Can be used up to 5 times if handle properly
To be used with eyelash glue