Grey Contacts

Grey is a mystic color. It adds a soft natural glow to your eyes. Some shades of grey are capable enough of casting piercing gaze. For a whispy and smokey appearance, grey contact lenses are a must-have. With grey contact lenses, you are sure to enhance any of your costumes.


Grey contact lenses look flattering on most skin tones and blend very well with the natural eyeshade. Not only this, if you are planning to participate in a cosplay; you might want to have a look at our collection of grey contact lenses. Get a creepy, fairy, or anime eye look with grey lenses and be the center of everyone’s eyes.


Our grey contact lenses are available in several designs, from soft to metallic shades of grey. Stay natural, or transform yourself into a fan-fic character with grey contact lenses.  They brighten and open up the eye area; hence make the eyes look bigger and wider. With grey contact lenses and slight make-up, you can achieve your most wanted look for any of your special occasions.


Our grey contact lenses are soft, comfortable and natural in wear. They keep eyes hydrated for the maximum period and do not discomfort even on wearing for longer durations.


We also arrange reviews of our all big eye contact lenses These unbiased reviews from real-life customers help other customers in making a selection. Please remember, that the same shade from the same brand can look different on different eyes. Therefore, do not expect that a grey contact lens or any other big eye lens will look exactly the same as it looks on your friend’s eye.


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