Lens Case

Carry your reusable contact lenses with 3 days’ worth of solution in the trendiest contact lens travel kits. Come packed with a vanity mirror, a solution holding bottle, a forceps and a plunger; these cute lens cases are must-haves. From everyday lens cases to hot-selling fancy lens holders; we have an epic wide collection to appeal to your taste. Shop online & find a perfect match to your lifestyle.

Our fun & practical designs offer you a fearless mode of traveling with contacts. Housing a mirror & carrying all necessary accessories; these contact lens cases will ease out insertion & removal of contacts while you are on a road trip or boarding a flight. The leak & spill-proof contact lens case with compact sizes keep your circle lenses secure & disinfected. Carrying a travel case also enables you to have a spare pair of contacts for uncertain emergency situations.


  1. As per FDA, contact lens cases should be replaced every three months or else otherwise they will begin harboring bacteria that leads to contamination in contact lenses. During the course of 3 months; a contact lens case should be rinsed, washed & disinfected at least once every week.
  2. Never reuse or top the solution. The enzyme responsible for disinfecting your lenses evaporates after it is left open in the air. Always discard the remaining solution & air dry the cases upside down with lids off.
  3. Run your contact lens cases through a dishwasher for five minutes occasionally or sterilize it in a pot of hot water.
  4. Contact lens cases may develop a slimy bio-film or beaded crystals of solution that has dried up. The precipitates may lead to bacterial growth & trigger an infectious response. Better safe than sorry & replace your contact lens cases as frequently as prescribed by experts.


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