Magnetic Eyelash

Looking to have fuller and longer eyelashes? You could turn to eyelash serum, but that would mean that you will need self-discipline and patience to achieve the end goal of the long natural lash. You could also resort to the amazing existence of instantaneous eyelash extensions however, you will be coughing out big bucks. Or you could give magnetic eyelash a go as an alternative.

If you haven't heard of magnetic lashes girl, you are missing out big time on this! Magnetic eyelashes for one, are inexpensive, especially on long-term usage. They are also one of the easiest lash extensions ones could ever apply on.

Whether you are going for a doll eye look, a cat-eye look or even a natural but enhanced look, we've got your back. Our collection of magnetic eyelashes will definitely give you a chance to explore various looks and moods depending on what you are going for.

Now we know what you girls are thinking, especially the newbies who would love to explore further. So how does it actually work? To apply magnetic eyelashes, it is important to only use the eyeliner that comes with it. This is because that particular eyeliner has a slight amount of iron oxide that helps with keeping your magnetic lashes in place. Fret not, as they are not harmful to your skin especially when you follow the application and removal instructions given.

If you are planning to give magnetic lashes a go, why not get them from Uniqso? Our lashes are made with high quality and long-lasting traits, we guarantee satisfaction while you turn heads when you are out and about.


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