Sweety Crazy Twilight Bella II (1 lens/pack)

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👉🏻 Please take note of the product packaging. E.g.1 lens/pack means there is ONLY 1 single lens. Please add Qty "2" in your cart if you need a pair.

Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's included A piece of contact lens + a lens case (for a pair of contact lenses ordered)


Show your lust for blood & be a savage with vampire colored contacts. Nothing could complete your cosplay until you spruce it up with an eye color that reflects the agony, ferociousness & thirst for blood. Depending on the diet, vampire eyes change the color. Sweety Crazy Lens Bella feature warm yellow that graduate into brown to reflect aggressive hunger.

The lenses feature a bold limbal ring that creates an illusion of bigger eyes. The bigger the eyes, the more they are wild. Ideal for vampire & monstrous cosplays, the lenses turn out great in photo shoots. With a dull-golden & warm yellow pattern, Sweety Crazy Twilight Bella contacts help you mimic eyes of a vampire that feeds on animal blood. The design is splashy, and opaque therefore the color payoff is remarkable. With 38% water content, the lenses stay hydrated in your eyes. If you are wearing your lenses for more than the recommended duration of 3-4 hours we suggest you to use Rohto C Cube eye drops to rewet your eyes.


We suggest cosplayers to grab 3N lens cleaner to disinfect & rinse their cosplay contacts. The longer you wear colored contacts, the more you run the risk of contracting infections due to contamination. 3N lens cleaner will do the job in a jiffy.