Stella Eyelash Pointed 5119

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Place of Origin Taiwan
Type Nylon with Hand made
Replacement Period Can be used up to 5 times if handle properly


These soft, lightweight pointed false eyelashes are intricately hand-crafted to accentuate the shape of all eyes. These sparse lashes with a clutter of fibers in between keep the design the most natural yet dramatic. The criss-cross design enables you to wear your lashes like a pro for an effortless feel. “Stella Pointed false eyelashes 5119” are hand-tied on a soft and almost invisible band that does not make your eyelids feel droopy.


These lashes boast secure corners. Since these are feathered and knotted on the band by hand; these ensure uniformity and out-standing natural looks. The unique design adds fullness to your natural lashes, whereas the pointed feathers create an illusion of long eyes that lure fancifully.


These pointed lashes are recommended for people with naturally thin and sparse lashes. Stella pointed 5119 false lash adds an enchanting definition to your eyes whilst making you look younger & adorable.