Lolita Wig 129A

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Material 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color Blonde
Wig Length 80cm

This golden blond Lolita wig features adorable loose curls with bangs ready to be trimmed at first wear. Lolita wig x is a beautiful heat-resistant synthetic wig that is 80 cm long. The wig is soft, full & comfortable to wear. The curls spring back into place as you brush it since the wig is intelligent enough to keep the memory of the factory-built design & shape.

Styling Lolita Wig X: Lolita wig x is an ultimate love, suitable for natural & fancy wears. The wig is free from artificial shine yet it grabs attention. The wig can be safely styled using heating tools; however do remember that the wig will permanently loose curls if you straighten the wig. If you want to revert it back to the Lolita curls; you will have to curl the wig the way you want.

Adjusting the wig: Lolita wig x has a beautiful inside lace cap that secures it to your scalp. This wig is breathable thus it does not destroy your natural hair beneath the wig. The ear tabs and the straps help you adjust the wig as per your own head. This Lolita wig fits to almost all head-sizes even to baby-heads.

Flaunt yourself & create a style statement wearing this Lolita wig. Get a new adorable you & stay confident. Walk with pride & let the curls seduce friends & foes.