Lens Case - Premium

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This premium lens case is ideal for storage and to clean your contact lenses. It helps you reduce bacteria on your lenses and at the same time avoid the risk of contamination to your eyes.

The lens case comes with a screw top. It is easy to open and close without leakage. There will be no more contact solution spilling from the lens case. It keeps your lenses from drying out. The see-through screw top design lets you see what lenses you keep inside. Whether it’s a clear contact lens or colored contact lens, you can distinguish them effortlessly.

It is easy to identify which lens goes to which eye with the L and R marks on the top of the see-through screw top. The coded cap ‘L’ is for the left and ‘R’ is for the right.
Small, light and easy to carry. The compact and portable design makes it perfect for home, outdoor ortravel use. It is the best contact lens case you can ask for.

The case comes in four different colors - pastel pink, pastel green, black and dark blue. Please note that the color will be picked and posted randomly.



1. Color will be picked randomly

2. Comes with silicone rubber on the cap to prevent solution leak from the lens case. Best for storing or traveling!