Digital Gift Card

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A digital gift card, also known as an e-gift card or electronic gift card, is a virtual form of a traditional gift card that can be purchased and redeemed online or in-store, depending on the retailer's policies. Digital gift cards are typically delivered electronically, either via email or as a downloadable code, and are designed for easy and convenient gift-giving.


Gift cards will be delivered to the sender via email and contain a code needed to be redeemed at checkout. Once redeemed, you can forward the email or the gift card link to the recipient. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. Yay!


Recipients of Gift Cards must Read this:
  1. Depending on the value of the gift card you have received, you can buy just anything from the store. Grab a pair of your best colored contacts & cosplay wigs of varying length & styles.
  2. To add to the value of the gift card you received; you may redeem the points you might have already accumulated into store credit.
  3. Make the best of your gift card by a thoughtful purchase. Checking through our Promotions & Discount offers page to buy goods at half the price. Don’t forget the freebies!
  4. Don’t let the huge selection scare you. Draw inspiration from fellow customers before purchase by checking out our inspiration tab that includes reviews and makeup looks!
  5. We recommend registering with us a customer to keep the procedure swift & smooth. Registering with us brings lot more of surprises. You might get a present!

*This is not a physical card, we will email you a virtual card with code and you can forward to the recipient.