Sweety 12 Months Disposable Colored Contacts

Colored contacts help you upgrade your look in an instant. Available in a large variety of colors and designs, we offer unbeatable prices. Buy contacts online to accentuate your eye color or completely transform your personality. From ethereal to light and natural, we boast colored lenses in opaque designs that mask your eye color effortlessly. Not only for everyday life, buy contacts online for cosplay too. With bewitching designs & intricate narrow details, our cosplay contact lenses leave you awe-inspired. It’s even easier to resurrect your favorite anime/manga character when you buy contacts online.

Buy contacts online, approved from ISO and CE. Made from silicone hydrogel the lenses are high quality that stay super comfortable and hydrated in eyes. Valid for 12 months after opening the seal the contacts are good value for money. Availability of prescription maintains sharp visual acuity while you perform on stage as your favorite cosplay character!

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