Sexy Cat Eyes Series

Not all cat eye contacts are created equal. Nor, they are for the faint of hearts. Our realistic cat eye contacts come in a number of sexy colors that help you instantly grab the purr-fect look of the wild cat. Often the most wanted  design for cosplay, cat eye contacts are usually the choice of bold and daring people when the crave for an edgy yet glamorous style statement is high.

The sexy cat eye contacts boast realistic details. Made using prism ballast technology, the sexy cat eye contacts are weighted that keeps them from spinning. The only kind of sexy cat eye contacts blend effortlessly against your eyes. The vertical slit-like pupils leave your eyes wild & crazy just like a feline. Creating an illusion that remains etched forever in people’s mind, these cat eye contacts help you achieve bespoke results. Pounce, swat or nibble like a cat. After all you have got cat eyes to get into the wild transformation!

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