Sweety New Cat Eye / Demon Eye

Cats are one of the most sought after animal look to play in every Halloween or costume party. It is definitely easy to play the ordinary cute looking cat. But, are you looking to stumble upon another cat looking exactly like you? If you are looking to spice up your cat look, perhaps you might want to consider going for the demon cat that's a wild and sexy look.

So, what would complete the look differentiating an ordinary cat and that wild demon cat? While your makeup plays a part, your costume and that glowing cat eye make it even better! Got a favourite eye colour? Fret not, with 5 different Sweety New Demon Cat Eye coloured contact lenses, you are one step away from standing out in the crowd.


These 5 shades of contact lens portray a different look for every cat persona that gives off a unique vibe. In fact, it helps range your look from a cute blue eyes demon cat all the way to that fiery red eyes cat.


You can either buy your favourite colour or buy them all. Always a different experience every time you attend a costume party. On top of that, you can pick and play to the choice of cat look you want to go for. Look no further with that cat character being enhanced by you, you will definitely be making heads turn.

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