Air Optix

At Uniqso, we offer the wide range of AirOptix eye contacts for maximum visual acuity and style statement. AirOptix eye contacts boast advanced technologies like HydraGlyde and SmartShield that yield greater comfort, increased oxygen flow & deposit resistance. HydraGlyde technology ensures a material that locks in moisture while allowing maximum flow of nourishing oxygen. SmartShield technology coats the surface of the lens with thin protective layer that keeps irritants & deposits at the bay. As a result, you get breathable & hydrating eye contacts with less bacteria accumulation.


AirOptix eye contacts is a huge family. To name a few, the revolutionary advancements are AirOptix eye contacts for Astigmatism & extended wear for sensitive eyes. Longing to change your eye color without drastic results? Try Alcon AirOptix Colors. Manufactured using 3-in-1 color technology that define the eyes and brighten them while transforming the eye color.


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