Sweety Crazy Red Target (Chainsaw Man - Power) (1 lens/pack)

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👉🏻 Please take note of the product packaging. E.g.1 lens/pack means there is ONLY 1 single lens. Please add Qty "2" in your cart if you need a pair.

Unleash Your Inner Devil with Chainsaw Man - Power Contacts

Step into the world of Chainsaw Man and embody the fiery, mischievous devil, Power, with our exclusive collection of colored contacts. These high-quality anime contacts are perfect for enhancing your Power cosplay and making a statement at any event.


Capture Power's Fiery Essence with Cosplay Contacts

Our stunning cosplay contacts are specially designed to recreate Power's signature fiery red eyes, ensuring your cosplay is as authentic as possible. Stand out at photoshoots or anime conventions with these vibrant colored contacts that bring your character to life.


Prescription Options for Anime Contacts

Don't worry about sacrificing clear vision for style - our Chainsaw Man - Power colored contacts are available with prescription options, so you can enjoy both stunning looks and sharp vision.


*Please note that these lenses may block vision.


Embrace the Chainsaw Man Experience

Get ready to channel Power's energy and make a statement at your next cosplay event. Shop our Chainsaw Man - Power colored contacts today and unleash your inner devil!

Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's included A piece of contact lens + a lens case (for a pair of contact lenses ordered)
Special Best for light color eyes

1. Contacts will obstruct your vision. You need mobility assistance to use this product. Use at your own risk.

2. Non-weighted / no watermark on lenses.