Premium Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner

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Operation Built-in lithium battery & rechargeable via USB cable
What's included A lens cleaner, tweezer & holder


Main features

  1. Fast - It just takes 3 minutes to clean the contact lenses
  2. Convenient (Wireless) - It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery and last for 30 days
  3. Handy & portable
  4. Waterproof


How does it work?

  1. Put the lenses in the storage basket and close it tight.
  2. Pour solution to the container till the lenses soak in the solution.
  3. Press the button at the top TWICE to on it.
  4. Cleaning will finish in 3 minutes


Why does it work well?

  1. Absorbs Tear Protein out from permeable orifice based on the material structure of the contact lenses.
  2. 100% Protein Removal Effectively reduces 98% or more of infections
  3. Improves the comfort of wearing contact lenses
  4. Saline solutions itself contains borate and other substances, which will be harmful to the eyes, therefore the lenses have to be cleaned before putting them on.


Designed to assist cosplayers & art performers, our lens cleaning kits & machines thoroughly rinse & disinfect circle lenses in a jiffy. People having a busy schedule find it difficult to disinfect and wash contact lenses every day after each wear. The contact lens cleaning machine thoroughly breakdowns the lipid & protein accumulation from the surface of contact lenses & make them safe to reuse.

Nearly 125 million people wear contact lenses worldwide & 92% fail to disinfect them thoroughly. This could lead to multiple infections, abrasions & even complete vision loss.

These lens cleaning kits are known to remove stubborn debris & accumulation of products that a user will have his contact lenses exposed to. Particles from SFX makeup, glitter & face paints are hard to get rid of through manual rinsing. Contact lens cleaning machine using non-audible ultrasonic waves produce a brushing/scrubbing effect when the lenses are soaked in the solution. The tiny bubbles produced by high-frequency sound waves make contact lenses fit again in only a two minutes cycle.


Recommended to:                         

  1. Cosers & everyone who owns a number of contact lenses. It is almost impossible to wash dozens of pairs by hand. This ultrasonic lens cleaning machine will do the job for you
  2. People with sensitive eyes. The lens cleaning kit facilitates immaculate cleaning that helps removing air borne irritants & environmental pollutants.