Sweety Ocean Blue (1 lens/pack)

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👉🏻 Please take note of the product packaging. E.g.1 lens/pack means there is ONLY 1 single lens. Please add Qty "2" in your cart if you need a pair.

Make a unique style statement with these soft and alluring blue contacts. Sweety Ocean Blue boasts a subtle aqua marine color that, despite appearing translucent, helps your eyes pop out. The impressive opacity of the lenses captivates while maintaining an elegant image of your personality. Sweety Ocean Blue enchants with its bright blue tone that covers your eyes with a glossy sheen – as enticing as it gets!

The lenses feature a realistic pattern quite similar to Sweety Ocean Blue. With the pattern's greatest concentration at the center, the lenses blend seamlessly with your natural eyes. The faded, frozen limbal ring further contributes to the ethereal effect. Sweety Ocean Blue creates spectacular looks with its luminescent and opaque color payoff. These lenses work well on both light and dark eyes, and they look great in photoshoots. The cool-mint color around the pupil gracefully transitions to a darker, charming shade. The aqua blue edges, surrounded by an iced blue limbal ring, add depth and meaning to your eyes.

The exuberance of the lenses is beyond words. They make your eyes appear lighter and brighter. Wearing these blue lenses, you embody the epitome of grandeur. Opening new horizons, these lenses have become the top choice for women with dark eyes. Perfect for parties and everyday wear, Sweety Ocean Blue lenses are worth every penny spent. When in doubt about making a choice, confidently opt for these stunning blue contacts.

Sweety Ocean Blue arrives in easy-to-open blister packaging – no more broken nails! Each lens is soaked in an isotonic buffered solution. Please transfer the lenses into a sanitized contact lens case and allow them to oxidize by soaking them in a multi-purpose solution for at least 6 hours or overnight before first use.


Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's included A piece of contact lens + a lens case (for a pair of contact lenses ordered)